30 ILCS 540 State Prompt Payment Act

Subcontractor Billing Requirement

Payment is contingent upon submission of a proper invoice if required by the contract. It is advisable to show your payment terms and payment due date on all invoices which you issue. It is also good to mention that your company will appreciate quick and prompt payment. This section applies only to a payment bond beneficiary who is not an individual mechanic or laborer and who makes a claim for wages. A bond executed for a public work contract with the state or a department, board, or agency of the state must be payable to the state and its form must be approved by the attorney general. A bond executed for a public work contract with another governmental entity must be payable to and its form must be approved by the awarding governmental entity. Paragraph of this subsection does not prevent an interest penalty from accruing under section 7109 and of title 41 after a penalty stops accruing under this chapter.

An interest penalty clause which obligates the contractor to pay the subcontractor and each supplier an interest penalty on amounts due in the case of each payment not made in accordance with the payment clause included in the contract pursuant to paragraph of this section. The required payment date specified in the contract shall be consistent with prevailing industry practices for the subsistence items, but may not be more than 10 days after the date of receipt of the invoice or the certified date of receipt of the items.

Certified Payroll

Those payments, in turn, result in required payments to the subcontractors and material men who have performed labor or provided materials to the job. If a subcontractor has performed in accordance with a construction contract, and the original contractor receives payment from the owner for work performed by the subcontractor, the original contractor shall pay the subcontractor for that work no later than seven days after the original contractor receives the payment.

It’s often the only thing clients want to know, so it’s helpful to make this visible at-a-glance. This is really important when it comes to enforcing payment deadlines and penalties.

Consequences for Failure to Pay

Whether you are a sole trader or you are trading through and running your own company, you will need to create invoices for the work that you do for your client or customer. We will look at both how to invoice as a contractor and what needs to be on an invoice to your client. Therefore, you will be able to create your independent contractor invoice each time before your client or clients can make payment. In an effort to remain evenhanded, the legislature also included a provision providing that, in spite of requirements for payments being in a timely fashion, owners and contractors may withhold payments for deficiencies.

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After $500K election boost, carpenters union presses Hochul on bill on contractor disclosures.

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The Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act specifically provides that the one percent per month interest rate of Section 505 can be waived, but is silent on whether the one percent per month penalty can also be waived, and there is not yet any appellate court authority on this issue. In short, if a contractor or sub must resort to litigation to recover the amounts due, the combined total of interest and penalties can amount to as much as twenty-four percent (24%) per year. An amount shall not be deemed to have been wrongfully withheld to the extent that it bears a reasonable relationship to the value of any disputed amount or claim held in good faith by the owner, contractor or subcontractor against whom the contractor or subcontractor is seeking to recover payment.


When sending your invoice to your client or customer, you could send it through the regular post. However, nowadays, it is much quicker and less costly to send this via e-mail.

Subcontractor Billing Requirement

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Other Laws Relating to Commerce and Trade

In a business environment where cutthroat practices have pushed many a small contractor to the edge of insolvency, the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act has given unpaid contractors and subs a tool to push back. If notice of dispute is not given within the time required by this section, such lack of notice does not constitute acceptance of the work performed. In subsection , the words “not paid under this chapter” are substituted for “which a Federal agency has failed to pay in accordance with the requirements of section 2 or 3 of this chapter” to eliminate unnecessary words. ” The Federal Acquisition Regulation shall be modified to provide appropriate solicitation provisions and contract clauses that implement chapter 39 of title 31, United States Code, as amended by this Act , and the regulations prescribed under section 3903 of such title .

  • “Retainage” means the part of the payments under a public work contract that are not required to be paid within the month after the month in which the public work labor is performed or public work material is delivered under the contract.
  • Let us now consider what should an invoice include when you create this.
  • Other items as allowed under the subcontract or purchase order terms and conditions.
  • Anyone who has ever done any amount of work as a construction contractor or subcontractor or represented them in collections cases has learned from hard experience that it can be all but impossible to get paid for one’s work.

The owner shall pay all undisputed amounts owed to the contractor within 30 days after the end of the billing period or 30 days after delivery of the invoice, whichever is later. This subsection shall not be construed to impair the right of an owner to include in a contract provisions that permit the owner to retain a specified percentage of each progress payment otherwise due to a contractor and each supplier for satisfactory performance under the contract. In such a case, the owner must provide written notice to contractor as to why payment is being withheld within 7 days of the date required for payment to the contractor. Prime contractors are required to pay their subcontractors within seven days of receiving payment from ADOT, and subcontractors are required to pay tier subcontractors within seven days as well. Similarly, prime contractors are required to make final payment to a subcontractor of all monies owed within seven days of receiving payment from ADOT.

A person from whom information is requested may require payment of the actual cost, not to exceed $25, for providing the requested information if the person does not have a direct contractual relationship with the person requesting information that relates to the public work. This section does not apply to a governmental entity when a surety company is complying with an obligation under a bond that had been issued for the benefit of the governmental entity. “Prime contractor” means a person, firm, or corporation that makes a public work contract with a governmental entity. “Payment bond beneficiary” means a person for whose protection and use this chapter requires a payment bond. Have been practicing law primarily in Montgomery County, Berks County, and Chester County for a combined total of over one hundred and twenty-five years. Being general practitioners, we have the breadth of knowledge to help you learn and protect your rights in a wide range of civil litigation cases.

  • If the designated payment office fails to make the required annotation, the Government will determine the demand’s validity based on the date the Contractor has placed on the demand, provided such date is no later than the 40 thday after payment was made.
  • Payment is not required under this subsection unless a subcontractor or material supplier provides to the original contractor or subcontractor a billing or invoice for the work performed or materials or products supplied in compliance with the terms of the contract between the parties.
  • The two percent penalty against a contractor for violation of statutory requirements for paying subcontractors is recoverable by the subcontractor in a civil action or a disciplinary proceeding before the Contractors State License Board .
  • “Subcontractor” means a person, firm, or corporation that provides public work labor or material to fulfill an obligation to a prime contractor or to a subcontractor for the performance and installation of any of the work required by a public work contract.

I have a question regarding the Prime’s delay in submitting a subcontractor’s invoices to a vendor for payment. They are now rejecting invoices that are over 1 year old, even though we submitted these invoices in a timely fashion. Payments to Contractor A. The total amount to be paid by the COUNTY under this Contract for the base period, shall not exceed Dollars ($ ). The CONTRACTOR will notify the COUNTY, in writing, when 90% Subcontractor Billing Requirement of the estimated contract amount has been reached. The CONTRACTOR will xxxx the COUNTY on a monthly basis, or as otherwise provided, at the amounts set forth in Exhibit “B” for services rendered toward the completion of the Scope of Services. Where incremental billing for partially completed items is permitted, the total incremental xxxxxxxx shall not exceed the percentage of estimated completion as of the billing date.

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